Vanessa Cavallaro

Critic Reviews

Jean Blanchaert

‘Bucolic Landscape’ at the Triennale Museum

The technique of wheel engraving, widely used in Germany and Bohemia in the 17th century, was imported to Altare (Savona) in the first few decades of the 19th century by two brothers from Bavaria. It has been handed down successfully ever since. Vanessa Cavallaro developed a keen interest in this difficult art at a very early age, starting to practice it in her father’s workshop.

Talent, technique and imagination work together particularly well when the artist is able to introduce innovations into both form and content. Her Paesaggio bucolico [Bucolic Landscape] meets these requirements in full, making the most as it does of crystal’s intrinsic properties: transparency, elegance and luminosity.

Silvio Riolfo Marengo

Human and Divine in Vanessa Cavallaro’s “cloud”

The human and the divine come together in the simplest and most profound of interpretations: classicism and modernity, earthly consciousness and the idea of transcendence blend together and enhance each other.

The sense of mystery, of silence, of recollection, is total and is enhanced by the light reflecting on the images, giving them a movement of elevation and animates them in brilliance and lightness.

Giusy Petruzzelli

Penelope’s Canvas and engraved crystals

The peculiarity of Vanessa Cavallaro is to “subtract” the object of high design and equally high material quality from seriality to make it a unique piece which retains its functionality, but acquires the aura of the unicum.

If the possibility of use undoubtedly makes engraved crystals belong to the category of minor arts, however it is the absence of seriality of the engraving operation that gives Cavallaro's objects proximity to the major arts.


A shop that leaves you breathless

The shop in the center of Altare leaves you breathless. The elegance of the shapes and decorations displayed in the showroom is added to the tradition that reigns in the decoration workshop, with lights and luminous shades that enhance the incredible quality of the decoration.

“Do you consider yourself more of an artisan or more of an artist?”. Both. The ability to decorate is the daughter of artistic talent, the working technique and the knowledge of glass belong to the sphere of craftsmanship